WordPress is Hard (kinda)

In order to track my thoughts in blog form, I needed a website. I decided to go for WordPress and this theme, well, because it was easy to step up and kinda pretty. But figuring out WordPress for the first time was not easy at all. I tried to follow WordPress’ “Famous 5-minute Install” but several hours later I was still lost. First, I didn’t know what a webserver was (not sure if I do now) and what’s an FTP. I diligently googled both terms but new words are hard and I eventually gave up.

Then I did a search for wordpress in GitHub and I came across this guy: https://github.com/webjames/heroku-wordpress-svbtle who made an f’ing amazing readme that even I could follow along with. It helped that I had experience with Git and deploying to Heroku from Railsbridge so it made the process all the more approachable. And now I have a website – ta-da!

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I’m gonna try to use this blog to keep track of my dabblings in the world of code. Follow along!